Meet Andy

Andy Barr was elected to Congress in 2012, carrying 17 of the Sixth District’s 19 counties. Andy ran for Congress for a cause, not a career, and that cause is to save America from bankruptcy and a $17 trillion national debt. Since his first day in Washington, Andy has never stopped fighting for the principles on which he was elected.


Congressman Barr believes we have a responsibility to save the American dream for future generations. Realizing that Washington simply is not working for the American people, Andy Barr has fought from day one to hold Washington to a higher standard.


Upon arriving in D.C., Andy realized that Washington’s political elites view themselves as being above the law. This is why he co-sponsored the Live by the Laws You Write Act. This act requires Washington politicians to be bound by the same laws as Andy’s Sixth District constituents. Andy believes that what impacts residents of the Sixth District should have an equal impact on the well-connected Washington, D.C. establishment.


Having spent most of his life in Kentucky’s Sixth District, Andy realizes the value in hard work. Andy learned at an early age that a strong work ethic should be rewarded, and that the individual should be able to keep more of their hard-earned money. This is why Andy is fighting for tax reform. The fact is that you should have the say over how your money is spent—not a Washington bureaucrat.


Andy knows that our healthcare system is broken and in need of reform. He has supported many common-sense reforms that will actually lower the cost of healthcare.  Furthermore, Andy has worked tirelessly to protect his constituents from the harmful effects of Obamacare, which are costing Kentuckians the health coverage they liked, increasing premiums, and killing jobs. Andy will continue fighting to repeal Obamacare and the massive tax increases that go along with it so we can replace this disastrous law with a solution that will leave you in control of your own health while increasing access to quality healthcare for all Kentuckians.


Andy is married to the former Carol Leavell, and they have two daughters. He is a native of Lexington, KY and a 1992 graduate of Henry Clay High School. In 1996, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Philosophy. From 1996 through 1998, Barr entered public service for the first time as a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Congressman Jim Talent (MO), where he staffed the Congressman’s service on the Speaker’s Health Care Reform Task Force. In 2001, Barr graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law.